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Battery Charging Meter Magic Mug

This heat sensitive ceramic, Thermal Battery Mug, is designed to look completely black until you pour in liquid over 96.8°F. Then, by the magic of a science we don’t fully understand, a battery icon appears, charging up and down with green power bars to match the level of your liquid.



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Caffeine is our power source.  What better way for us to visualize our batteries being charged, than a mug with a battery that powers up when we fill it with our piping hot caffeinated libation of choice?  This ceramic mug is classic black with a white outline of a battery on it. Pour in your hot liquid - anything over 96.8F (36C) - and watch the green cells within the battery light up. As your beverage cools (or is ingested) the battery will fade into emptiness, reminding you that you need a refill.

  • Ceramic mug changes color when filled with hot coffee or tea

  • Holds 10 ounces of your favorite hot beverage

  • Watch the battery "light up" when your mug is hot

  • Love your mug: hand-wash only. The extreme temperature of a dishwasher will destroy the color-changing parts of the mug.

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