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Whiskey Stones Pack of 9

Whiskey Stones are little ice-imitators that are specially designed to put a slight chill in your whiskey or any cold drink.  All you do is put them in the freezer for a few hours and then pop a couple into a glass.

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Whiskey Stones are perfect for keeping your favorite drink nice and cold. Whether you are drinking high quality whiskey or your average every day cocktail, these soapstone ice rocks will keep your drink at the perfect temperature. Best of all, they won't affect the flavor of your drink, and they prevent your drink from getting watered down from melting ice. For best results, simply wash after use and air dry before placing in freezer. You will want to use 4-5 stones in a typical drink.

  • Pack of 9 Whiskey Soapstones (FREE: Black Velvet Bag for storage)

  • 3/4 inch cube

  • Eliminates the ice that melts in your drink

  • Really cool to use and makes a fantastic gift!

  • The soapstones have no flavor or odor that would affect your drink like normal ice

  • Rounded edges prevent scratching your favorite glass

  • Brand New -- NEVER Used

  • Completely washable and reusable

  • Not recommended for delicate wine glasses or shaker

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